About the Team at Computers of Cleveland

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Roman - Network Solutions Specialist

Roman – Owner, Network Solutions Specialist

Roman is of Russian descent and attended school in America. His interest in computers came from an interest in gaming — the original Nintendo, where many of us began our interest in video games, is where he started, but it was also with a joke. In the USSR, we didn’t joke about our current presidents and leaders, just the past ones. There was a General Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev, hired a technician to install a computer system for him. Once the technician was done, the technician told Brezhnev that the new computer would cut his workload in half. To which, Brezhnev responded, “Well then, can I have another one?”

This, coupled with some computer classes at Cleveland High School helped him realize where he wanted his career path: Information Technologies.

Roman graduated and attended Lee University and double-majored in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. When he was 19, just a junior at Lee, he was hired by a local computer repair company, known as Computers of Cleveland. There, he worked diligently applying the skills he was learning at Lee. Shortly after his graduation, the owners offered to sell Computers of Cleveland to him.

He worked with his parents and family to get financed and bought it immediately. At 22, only 6 years after arriving in the United States, Roman was a graduate and business owner in his adopted land. He still works with small businesses in the area and seeks to help the community in the many ways that he was helped as a teenager in an immigrant family.


Matt Hyatt - IT Consultant

Matt – IT Consultant

Matt is our “go to” person for biggest and most challenging projects we have to work on.  With his strong knowledge of Datacenters and the surrounding technology, excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills and many diverse skills as well as “Path-finding” he is “the brains” behind several complex systems that we integrated in the last year.  Although, he is almost never seen by any of our clients, Matt became a vital part of our team as we grow into more complex networking market.

Other then constantly updating and applying his computer skills for the job, Matt is also married and has two children. Just like for all of us, family is a priority for him, so he spends a lot time with his wife and children being outdoors and mountain biking.  And, when time permits he let’s himself loose into the hobby of building quadcopters!

Overall, Matt is extremely fun person to be around, always laughing about something but at the same time very confident at what he does when it comes to work.


Serge - Network Administrator

Serge – Network Administrator

Serge is Roman’s older brother. Always the family man, he is the first to want to work with his brother and help out in the business.

He was always interested in the hard sciences and studied Math and Physics at the Moscow State University. He enjoys computers because he finds them to be discrete and logical.

“Being a naturally introverted person, I always enjoy books and quiet. Working with Computers of Cleveland is a perfect balance of customer service and quiet work. No matter where I was or where I worked in my life, I always did the best I could to be an ethical person. When I worked at a factory, I was the best there, too. When I fix a system and the whole thing works, I feel satisfied in my work.”

It only takes a short conversation with Serg to find out that family is first and working with his brothers every day is a joy for him. When it comes to clients, he always views them as an extension of his family, treating them with respect, dignity and the care he would show to his own.


Gene - Computer Repair Specialist

Gene – Computer Repair Technician

Gene is the youngest of the three brothers (technically 4). He has been interested in computers and technology his whole life. He has learned quite a bit from shadowing his brothers and has proven himself very useful in assisting clients with various computer problems.

He is currently a student at Lee University studying Digital Media. Which has helped him get very familiar with much of the software and the basics of computer building and repair.

Gene has been working with media software for over 6 years and has been building up a reputation around his community as a media wiz. With audio and video recording in his tool belt he has helped quite a few companies improve their websites as well as generate high quality commercials.

Working underneath Roman and Serge’s supervision he has utilized these abilities towards many of Computers of Cleveland’s clients and has helped build an even closer relationship with the companies.

Around the office Gene cleans computer viruses, troubleshoots and repairs software and hardware issues, and also deals with his older brothers’ unorthodox sense of humor.