How to Protect Your Identity Online

Technology is something that can be utilized to enhance our lives in many ways. The seemingly limitless amount of information at our fingertips and ability to communicate with anybody anywhere in the world is truly remarkable. Unfortunately, technology […]

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Data Backups and Saving Lives

How data backup can save your business: Backing up data, both on-site and off-site is one of the most important ways to save time, money, and data. Anyone in IT has a data back-up story, some humorous, some […]

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Server Choice Tips

How do I choose the right server? If you want a reliable server that also meets your needs, I have a few suggestions: Make sure that you purchase a server with replicable parts Many times, disreputable companies will […]

Choosing a Server for your Business

How to Hire an IT Wiz

Things to look for: Expertise: They must be knowledgeable in every technological aspect of your business. Professional IT contractors can fit into nearly any budget on a project-by-project or as needed basis. Management: They must focus on what’s […]